How to create your own actions in Photoshop

There are probably well over a thousand FREE photoshop actions out there... because they are so easy to create.
Recording an action in Photoshop is simple.

Step 1:
Open up the “Actions” palette in photoshop and hit the new action button. If you don't know how to open the palette, go to Window>Actions.

actions step 1

Step 2:
This will open a new dialog box with various options for the action. You can name the new action and add it to an existing set. You will also be able to assign a keyboard shortcut that will activate the action immediately in Photoshop. If you think you will be using the new action on a daily (or weekly) basis, creating a shortcut will be VERY useful. 

actions step 2

Step 3:
Hit "record" in the dialog box and carry out the steps you would like to have in the action. Before you actually create an action, you should know exactly what steps you are planning to take. Its a good idea to have these steps in mind or even written down.

actions step 3

Keep in mind that selection sizes, saving, and other specific steps will be replicated exactly in the action. So make the steps generic enough so that they will on all of the images that you'll be applying the actions to.
When finished, hit the stop button at the bottom of the actions palette.
When you want to use your new action, select the action and hit play.

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