My Chirstmas Gift

For Christmas, I got the Diana Deluxe Kit...I am so excited to use it.

I just opened it today-- and got to look at everything. I am going to read the manual and then go out this week and take some pictures. But just holding it all in my hands... I am in love. I am amazed by the sheer number of items you get in this kit, it is truly amazing. Now I just have to get (my parents) money's worth out of it. Thank you mom and dad for my AMAZING Christmas gift.

There are a few things I want to do in 2012, and take more pictures is one of them. Here is my personal list of things I want to do in 2012:

  • Take lots of photographs
  • Organize all my photos (eek) and buy a second hard drive to keep the backups coming.
  • Go to the San Diego Zoo -- a trip promised to me last year (this year I am going to take it)
  • Go on a vacation.
  • Taste new wine, beer, and food. 
  • Learn to make at least one new meal.
  • Make money writing.
  • Go to Santa Monica (and take pictures of the signs). I have a mental project in my head, but it still hasn't made it into my real life yet.
  • Go to Venice. 
  • Build a darkroom. This one was set on the back burner because of money and wasn't sure if I was going to move or not (but I think I can do it this year).
  • Create art.
  • Live on less than I make (so I can save $$). 
2012 will bring a host of new tutorials and projects as well as my own personal projects. Hope to see you around next year!!

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