Are you ready to create a real cyanotype?

There are a few things that you can buy online that will get you printing cyanotypes in no time. First is the Sun Art Paper Kit that provides you with what they call "sun paper." Its a pretty inexpensive way to get started. All you need is the paper, sunlight, and water. There are no messy chemicals.

I would definately recommend buying the Sun Art Paper Kit if this is your first time making a cyanotype. There are no dangerous chemicals involved.

Next, you are going to need either a negative or if you would rather, you can create the sunprint using nature. You can place any object (a fern, leaf, key etc.) on the SunArt paper and set it in the sun briefly to create a cyanotype.

The Complete SunArt KIT contains
15 - 8 x 10 inch SunArt UV Sensitive coated Paper Sheets
1 - 8 x 10 Transparent Acrylic Sheet (To hold lightweight objects in place during expusure to UV sunlight)
Complete instructions.

Now you are going to need a negative if you don't choose a leaf. Most people shoot digital now, but there are quite a few books teaching you how to create a negative in photoshop. Here is one book that you can find on amazon showing you how to create a negative: Digital Negatives: Using Photoshop to Create Digital Negatives for Silver and Alternative Process Printing. 

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