Pinhole Photography Day

Did you know that there is a Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day?

It is an international event that was created to celebrate and promote the wonderful art of pinhole photography.  Everyone is encouraged to:
  • Take time out from this digital age and participate in the act of making a pinhole photograph.
  • To share their photographs with the world to promote this day
The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is held each year on the last Sunday in April. The next pinhole day is Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pinhole photography allows you to make a photograph that requires only a light-tight container (box, can, etc.) with a tiny hole in one side and any photo-sensitive surface in it. You can adapt an existing camera, or make the camera yourself . The experience of image-making becomes a little more special when created with your own hand-made camera because you are involved in every aspect of the picture making.

Pinhole photography has infinite depth-of-field, long shutter speeds and skewed perspectives which can lead to wonderfully surprising images.  

If you want to learn more about this fun process, go to

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